The Big Fat Tip® #44. The Landmark Diner. Atlanta, Georgia. August 8, 2023.

We wanted to shake things up by going to an establishment that worked for tips but was not in the food service industry. We went to an extraordinary old barbershop. Alas, they only took cash. Since we are an official nonprofit, we only deal with recorded transactions and must use a credit card to track where the funds are going. So, after a great haircut, we wandered around the corner and walked into this old diner. After watching the video, you may decide it was meant to be! 

Big Fat Tip #44 happened in Atlanta at The Landmark Diner on August 8, 2023, during the ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership Annual Meeting. Watch the video to see his reaction and how we found him. Big Fat Thanks to our donors and volunteer of the day, Timothy Woods