The First Five Big Fat Tips!

The Big Fat Tip® #5 - Walt Disney Contemporary Resort Bar (The Wave Lounge) - Orlando, Florida - November 19, 2019
We attempted to give the $1,000 tip at a different bar upstairs from this one, but the bartender refused to serve us because he wanted to go on a break. (Are you sure....?)
The Big Fat Tip® #4 - Norfolk International Airport - Norfolk, Virginia - September 29, 2019
This server told us after she received the $1,000 tip that she was in the process of moving and had many deposits to pay.
The Big Fat Tip® #3 - Recessions Bar - Washington, DC - August 27, 2019
This bartender has a super-cool story involving the Taliban. He used to be a journalist - and his picture and story were at the Newseum before it closed. (See next post.)
The Big Fat Tip® #2 -Columbus International Airport - Columbus, Ohio - August 14, 2019
This bartender told us after receiving the $1,000 that she had just "taken her baby to college yesterday."  Land-Grant Brewing Company.
The Big Fat Tip® #1 - Clear Sky on Cleveland Global Bistro - Clearwater, Florida - February 24, 2019
This was our first $1,000 Big Fat Tip (February 24, 2019) and we were not sure how to record it. We arrived an hour early to set up cameras "for good angles" before Devon Allman arrived.