Lakeland Tips

The Big Fat Tip #21 – West Caribbean Cuban Restaurant – Lakeland Florida
The Big Fat Tip #21: West Caribbean Cuban Restaurant. Lakeland, Florida. July 17, 2021. Big Fat Thanks to our donor and volunteer, Eric Thomas - who donates to the cause every month in honor of his mother who waited tables for many years.
The Big Fat Tip #18 – Molly McHughs Pub
In honor of St Paddy’s Day - check out the drop we did at Molly McHugh’s Pub in Lakeland, Florida one slow afternoon a few weeks ago! Molly McHugh's Irish Pub and big thanks to our volunteer of the day: Kelly Snyder Best!
The Big Fat Tip #17 – Fat Jacks Deli and Pub
It is our last drop of the year, but not the last one ever! The main donor behind this particular tip gave the money in honor of her grandfather, who is missed very much. He loved a good deli, too.
The Big Fat Tip #15 – Cob & Pen – Lakeland Florida
She was thrilled! It is hard to see and hear their enthusiasm behind those masks, but trust us, the recipients are so happy.
The Big Fat Tip #11 – The Egg Station – Lakeland Florida
Big Thanks to volunteer and donor, Justin Batten who also set up our interview with ABC Action News reporter, Robert Boyd!
The Big Fat Tip #9 Mega Mercado Mexican Restaurant and Grocery Store – Lakeland Florida
Big thanks to one of our donors, Karina Sloan, who volunteered to assist with this drop. (Karina is also translating in the comments below.) This restaurant is in a grocery store. The food is delicious and authentic!
The Big Fat Tip #8 – Noire Nail Bar. Lakeland Florida
We have given out $8,000 in tips this year! $3,000 of that came in the last few weeks from donations from people like you!! Thank You!!
The Big Fat Tip #7 Revival Bar. Lakeland Florida
One of our donors flew down from NY. Since she didn’t know anyone in town, she was a perfect choice to be a volunteer and to select an establishment at random.
The Big Fat Tip #6 Dennys Lakeland Florida
The Big Fat Tip #6! Denny’s Lakeland, FL. December 14, 2019. “This just made my Christmas!” #randomactsofkindness #bigfattip