Hey Big Tipper!

We are collecting donations to surprise people working in the U.S. service industry with Big Fat Tips! Our organization was founded in December 2018, and SIXTY-ONE $1,000 tips have been given in different cities around the United States so far! Please use the form below to donate to keep it going. Think of it as one BIG TIP JAR (that comes with a receipt for your taxes.) We start planning how to surprise the next stranger as soon as we pull in the next $1,000. Subtract the amount we have given out from the total raised below, and you can see how far away we are from the next $1,000 tip.

Note: Recipients are randomly selected and not related to our volunteers. We do not accept nominations or determine in advance who “deserves” the money. Everyone needs a little hope and a whole lotta love, and from our past experience, all the BFT recipients needed the money, too.

Please consider a recurring donation so we can spread more positive energy throughout the year. Thank you!!