The Big Fat Tip® #62 happened at the Bao Brewhouse in Denver, Colorado! After our founder delivered the opening keynote at CPAmerica, Inc.’s NextGen conference, she asked the audience if three people wanted to go with her to surprise a stranger with a $1,000 tip. Four people immediately volunteered! (The room was full of accountants, so the others didn’t ask.)

Watch the video to see the sweet reaction from the recipient. Her voice went up a few octaves! Off camera, she sincerely said, “I will remember this day for the rest of my life.”

That is our goal: to create positive, memorable moments for others working in the U.S. service industry. Money is merely a vehicle we use to deliver these moments.

Most of our days blur together. Days turn into weeks, weeks into years, and years into decades.

And we tend to remember bad memories. That’s a shame.

Let’s focus on making others’ days. In doing so, you may find that you made your own.

PS: We changed the way we display the donor credits in this video. What do you think of this new format?

We have several new categories of donors, plus some old friends who consistently support us. I am looking for the best way to honor everyone. I am so grateful for every donation because each one brings us one step closer to these incredible moments. Lowell Aplebaum, Lu Fitzwater, Scott Larsen and his awesome Low-Key Hideaway and Tiki Bar, Brad Sundgren, Kelly Stancliff, Mike Chamberlain, and some interesting people in hiding who don’t want you to know who they are. ? THANK YOU!

Shout out to our volunteers of the day: Eugen Dehelean, MBA, Andrea Armstrong, CPA, Stacey Trolla, and Viki Gryska.