Other Big Fat Tips

The Big Fat Tip® #26 – Stone House Pizza – Pigeon Forge, Tennessee – October  1, 2021
We love the reaction of this owner and how he was so excited to be able to pass this tip along to his employees! This tip was funded and sponsored by Dark Rhino Security. BIG FAT THANKS to Kevin Casey for making this one happen and for our volunteer (and donor) of the day, Wendy Chilula! #bigfattip
The Big Fat Tip® #25 – TN Mountain View Winery – Sevierville, TN – October 1, 2022
Well, that is a whole lotta love right there! BIG FAT THANKS to our volunteer of the day, and multiple-time donor, Teri Carden. Her enthusiasm continues to keep the momentum going. THANK YOU, Teri! #bigfattip This tip was sponsored by her fantastic event: Non Due$-A-Palooza!
The Big Fat Tip® #24 – Hillbilly’s Restaurant – Sevierville, Tennessee – October 1, 2021
When we walked in to see a truck covered in money, we knew we were in the right place! Her reaction was adorable. BIG FAT THANKS to Anne Nevel and The Sleepover for fully funding this $1,000 tip! Anne has donated many times in the past, and we are so grateful for her support! #bigfattip. Thanks to our friends who witnessed this drop. Many of them have donated to the cause and supported us by encouraging their friends to donate: Teri Carden, Tammy Johns, Wendy Gilhula, Carla Howard, Jody Johnson, and Maggie Peters.
The Big Fat Tip® #23 – Vino Fiesta – Nashville International Airport – Tennessee – September 24, 2021
This bartender was too busy trying to make the credit card machine work to let the emotions set in. She posted about her experience on Facebook later, which was moving and inspiring. BIG FAT THANKS to Karim Guirguis who paid for this tip in full. THANK YOU! #bigfattip
The Big Fat Tip® #22 – Beaudevin – Charlotte International Airport – September 22, 2021
We love dropping BIG FAT TIPS in airport bars and restaurants because these are the least likely places where they would happen. Our mission is to surprise strangers, and what better place to do that than an airport as we are merely passing through? There is a big smile under that mask - trust us. #bigfattip
The Big Fat Tip® #20 – The Orchid Key Inn – Key West, Florida – May 29, 2021
We hit a milestone on this day! We have given out TWENTY $1,000 tips so far! THANK YOU for your donations. YOU MADE THIS MILESTONE HAPPEN!
The Big Fat Tip® #19 – Unfiltered- Bartow, Florida – February 19, 2021
Drop number 19 with one of our lovely volunteers: Cauney Boydston Bamberg. Go check out Unfiltered for delicious coffee, food, and a little shopping, too! Big thanks to all of our donors who make these happen!
The Big Fat Tip® #13 – The Tavernacle Social Club – Salt Lake City, Utah – March 2, 2020
A big team of donors and volunteers from the ASAE Great Ideas conference did the drop! Little did we know that COVID-19 would shut down businesses all over the U.S. the following week.
The Big Fat Tip® #12 – Quarters Arcade Bar – Salt Lake City, Utah – February 29, 2020
These Big Fat Tip volunteers and donors were in town for the ASAE Great Ideas Conference. Big thanks to: Jill Ferguson, Cameron Curtis, Garet Turner, and Megan di Barril for doing this drop! Quarters Arcade Bar https://bigfattip.org/donate/
The Big Fat Tip® #10 Hilton Garden Inn (Sports Bar) – Nashville, Tennessee – January 11, 2020
Check out the next post to see what the server/bartender wrote on Instagram. . The backstory on this is the volunteers went to two different businesses before this one and could not process a tip!