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The plan is to respond to most emails in 24 hours. If we haven’t responded to you in that time, it is because we could be trapped under something heavy or stuck in a vat of peanut butter.  We will respond as soon as the peanut butter is out of our hair, which supposedly is good for removing chewing gum, too. (Life hack/tip for you!)

It is also possible that your email went to SPAM. We check the SPAM box only when we are bored, or thinking about ham in a can, neither of which are happening much these days.

Please note: if you are asking us for direct donations, we will most likely not respond at all. Requesting money for a specific person or establishment could automatically disqualify them from receiving a Big Fat Tip. Remember, these are supposed to be Random Acts of Kindness!

Please see the RULES posted in the ABOUT section. Thank you!


Address: 502 E Main St. Lakeland, FL 33801