Big Fat Tip #10! Nashville. January 11, 2020. Check out the next post to see what the server/bartender wrote on Instagram. ?. The backstory on this is the volunteers went to two different businesses before this one and could not process a tip!

The first place *suddenly* had issues with their credit card machine and could only take cash. The second one didn’t have the ability to process a tip with that many digits! There have been several times where I haven’t been able to give a tip and I firmly believe – (even though this is a totally random process) – that something drives us to the right place.

I have other stories where no one would wait on me, or the establishment suddenly decided to close early, or the bartender wanted to go on a break and sent me to a different bar…which resulted in the $1,000 going to someone else! (In that last example, the recipient, Nathan, told us he had stage four cancer and wasn’t planning on working that day! See Big Fat Tip #5)

Big thanks to the volunteers assisting with this drop: Chris LeMaster Katy Voight-Nobis @Sara Duke @Roger Bostic