This was our first $1,000 Big Fat Tip (February 24, 2019) and we were not sure how to record it. We arrived an hour early to set up cameras “for good angles” before Devon Allman arrived. Our lack of filming expertise, combined with the need to be stealth, resulted in just two GoPro cameras propped on the table at one end – a perfect angle to create double chins. One camera fell off the table and filmed the ceiling for part of time, too. And our server left to go do some homework half way through! Deedre had to beg her to come back, which we could tell she thought was odd. She knew something was up – or thought Deedre develops weird attachments to people she just met.

Going forward, we decided to make quick mobile phone recordings to ensure the employees are surprised. The quality of the film may not be that great, but hey, they will be authentic! All of the recordings start with asking the employee to check the math on the receipt. Big thanks to Devon for the receipt presentation idea, and pulling away from his busy schedule to show support for the cause!

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Clearsky on Cleveland Global Bistro.