We handed out The Big Fat Tip® #50 on December 11, 2023. Big Fat thanks to our volunteer of the day, Trent Modglin owner of Venture Forth Media and Publisher of The Real Park Ridge, Illinois Brewing, and The Real Chicago magazines.

HUGE thanks to the donors who made this milestone tip possible: Mark Dorsey, Nicole Yackanicz Araujo, Cathi Eifert Horner, Eric Thomas, Brad Sundgren, Christy Gandy, Angela Felts Gieras, and Brandy Swecker ower of Bliss Heath Spa in Lakeland. Without you, there wouldn’t be any more big fat tips. Thank you for helping us spread joy, hope, and positive, memorable moments for people working hard in the U.S. service industry. #randomactsofkindness #service #bigfattip