This was our first drop on the first day of 2023! When we entered the Waffle House, we were told they were short-staffed and to expect delayed service. We only intended to purchase something small, like one plain waffle and a drink, so we did not care about quick service. The six of us sat at the counter, watching all of the action in the kitchen. We overheard our server and the cook talking about how this was her last day on the job. Intrigued, we asked why. Normally, we don’t get the backstory before we surprise them with the money. We have already decided before entering the building that we are handing over a $1,000 tip before we meet the person who will receive it. So, it was especially thrilling to hear that today was her last day at work. She confessed that she “just wasn’t a very good server” and needed another job because she was studying Accounting and Chinese at a local university. She hoped to go to China one day soon. She enthusiastically showed off her language skills, too. Her reaction when she saw the tip was priceless! Not a bad last day on the job.

Cameron Curtis and her newly-launched company, C2 Association Strategies, fully funded this tip, fully funded this tip. Cameron volunteered for two Big Fat Tip drops in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2020. She donated to the cause back then and vowed to give us more when she was able – and she delivered big time on that promise! BIG FAT THANKS, Cameron!

Our volunteer of the day for this drop is Maggie Wheeler, who recently signed up for monthly recurring donations! She was introduced to us by another fan, volunteer, and donor, Brad Sundgren. You can see, we live on word-of-mouth advertising and referrals. Thank you for being a part of our journey!