HAPPY NEW YEAR! The Big Fat Tip gave our 31st surprise $1,000 to the lovely people at Mister Fish, an old Lakeland establishment. They were thrilled! BIG FAT THANKS to Chris Price, co-owner of Dissent Craft Brewing Company, who paid for this $1,000 tip in full. He and his wife wanted to pay it forward after we dropped one in his new bar in Lakeland to celebrate our 3rd anniversary on December 20th. (Check out that video – number 28) Huge thanks to Sheila Reid, our volunteer (and donor) of the day, who assisted us in handing over this tip. #bigfattip


We were featured on WFLA! Check it out: https://www.wfla.com/news/polk-county/lakeland-brewery-inspired-by-big-fat-tip-donates-1k-to-surprise-another-small-business/?fbclid=IwAR0jGLfeZq66KZ7nozai4Zdu0UdK_WQcaXZiK62WDFuP4CNcmptCFk-OTQU