Big Fat Lakeland, Florida Tips: 

Honoring Our Home

The Big Fat Tip® #17 - Fat Jacks Deli and Pub - Lakeland, Florida - December 31, 2020
It is our last drop in 2020, but not the last one ever! The main donor behind this particular tip gave the money in honor of her grandfather, who is missed very much. He loved a good deli, too.
The Big Fat Tip® #15 - Cob & Pen - Lakeland, Florida - December 20, 2020
December 20, 2020, was our second anniversary. The Big Fat Tip handed out two $1,000 tips in its hometown to celebrate. This was the second drop of the day. The bartender said she was familiar with our organization and said we "were doing God's work." We are not officially connected to a religious organization, but we often receive comments about how the recipients were praying that morning for help and then we suddenly appeared. We were often unable to leave a tip somewhere else, and we happened upon these people instead. These are random acts of kindness, but the more we do these, the less they feel random. Whatever is driving it, we are happy to play a part in spreading positive energy and hope. BIG FAT THANKS to Eric Vaden, who fully funded this tip, and our volunteer (and donor) of the day, Jessica Riner.
The Big Fat Tip® #11 - The Egg Station - Lakeland, Florida - February 21, 2020
Look at that face! What a great reaction! Big Thanks to volunteer and donor, Justin Batten who also set up our interview with ABC Action News reporter, Robert Boyd!
The Big Fat Tip® #9 - Mega Mercado Mexican Restaurant and Grocery Store - Lakeland, Florida - December 30, 2019
Big thanks to one of our donors, Karina Sloan, who volunteered to assist with this drop. (Karina is also translating in the video.) This restaurant is in a grocery store. The food is delicious and authentic!
The Big Fat Tip® #8 - Noire The Nail Bar - Lakeland, Florida - December 20, 2019
Noire the Nail Bar. A quick and simple nail buff and polish resulted in a big tip!
The Big Fat Tip® #7- Revival Bar - Lakeland, Florida - December 14, 2019
One of our donors flew down from NY. Since she didn’t know anyone in town, she was a perfect choice to be a volunteer and to select an establishment at random. 2019 Santacon!
The Big Fat Tip® #6 - Denny's - Lakeland, Florida - December 14, 2019
“This just made my Christmas!” This grandma was thrilled to receive this $1,000 surprise tip from us. She told us later that she paid it forward by giving the crew that worked with her. This tip was fully funded by our donor and board member, George McCorkell! BIG FAT THANKS to our BIG TIPPER of the day and Brad Sundgren, our volunteer and donor who assisted with this drop. Brad donates every month to the cause, and we are so grateful for his support! #bigfattip.

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